Just 6 dollars for burger and fries, dope right? All these gorgeous Russian beauts doing unspeakable things at my fingertips, dope right? A thousand followers on insta, dope right? Wrong !! Scientifically an overstimulated brain often leads to an imbalance in neurotransmitters, which may lead to a dopamine deficiency; which makes you go all cuckoo. But enough with all the science! What if people think I am not dope?


Statistically, millennials who should be enjoying their teenage phase are copulating the least as compared to all previous generations. What is it that stops them from shagging I ask? Is it overstimulation which desensitises their brains and causes havoc on their hormones ? Be it overstimulation through porn, social media or food, our “Netflix and chill” generation is finally facing consequences for its actions, or should I say inactions.


The problem is new, because the novelties are new. Our brain doesn’t differentiate if we are actually in the act or are sitting in front of a screen just creepily spanking the monkey, or flicking the bean (not to exclude anyone of course). The problem has to be recognised and dealt with. Man has to take a step back and realise that too much Dope is not Dope.

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